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18 years of tuning and repairing piano needs including, replacing strings, pedals, keytops, complete repairing of the piano action. Certified Piano Tech.

Piano Tuning

Bills Piano provides beautifully musical, premium quality piano tunings for pianos of all shapes and sizes, in all settings, from the living room to the concert hall.

The Bills Piano service area covers all the major cities around the USA.  The quickest way to book a piano tuning is to schedule online, but if you like to schedule your tunings the old-fashioned way, get in touch.

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Piano Repair

If you’ve never had your piano professionally cleaned, you might be surprised at what’s lurking inside.  Pianos collect huge amounts of dust, grime, debris, bugs, pencils, action figures, and just about everything else!  Over time, all of this dirt and debris can harm your piano’s performance and appearance.

Bills Piano offers a piano deep cleaning service that will leave your piano sparkling clean, including all of the difficult places like the areas under the strings, inside the action, and under the piano keys.  The Deep Cleaning Package also includes lubrication of the friction points inside your piano’s action, which will help your keyboard feel silky smooth, and easy to play.

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